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Here at Steps To Greatness, we are here to help you completely change your life, we aren’t interested in running on the treadmill for hours and living off salad. We are here to make it as enjoyable as possible, so that not only is your body and health rapidly changing, but you look forward to your next session.

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Helping Women Just Like You

People who are feeling down, tired and hating their body. People who have forgotten what its like to wake up in the morning, bounce out of bed, excited about all the possibilities, filled with energy, happiness and excitement for the day to come. Because you have a rocking body, a bullet proof mindset and are ready to crush whatever comes your way.

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  • “I’ve been training with Lachlan for three months, and in that time have experienced enormous changes for the better. Apart from losing weight and increasing muscle mass, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy levels and vitality, as well as benefits for my mood and state of mind.

    Lachlan is an excellent trainer who really knows his stuff – and his approach goes well beyond lifting weights to encompass nutrition and lifestyle factors. He is an effective, intelligent and inspiring personal trainer who really cares about his job and his clients.

    If you’re looking for a personal trainer who really gets results, you can’t go past Lachlan.”


    Rosie – Not Only Weight Loss, But Mood And State Of Mind
  • “I have achieved so many things that I never dreamt possible since writing this testimonial 6 months ago that I need to update it.

    My Doctor was so impressed with the weight loss and improved overall heath, that he stopped all my prescription medication and wanted your details. I had a really annoying cough which was a side effect, it too has gone. My chiropractor just couldn’t stop commenting “ You look so amazing and you don’t compare with your previous notes.”

     Also being able to keep up with or beat those a lot younger than me has enabled me to join in activates I never would have thought of before.

    I will admit it hasn’t always been easy but the support, help and advice whenever I needed it has been invaluable.

    For anyone wanting to see results this is the way to go!”

    “For anyone wanting to see results this is the way to go!”
  • “I have been training with Steps to Greatness for a couple of months now.  With Lachlan’s suggestion I tried the 10 Day Challenge my first thought was this isn’t for me.  But after a few training sessions and a visit to the Dr it was time to try.   

    The results I have achieved from the 10 Day Challenge has been truly amazing – something I never thought possible.  It was a challenge and it is totally changing the way I look at food and exercise.  

    I enjoy the variety in each training sessions as well being able to see improvements over time. I also really appreciated the daily support to face each days challenge of the diet etc. I am looking forward to hitting that next weight loss goal – It is now in sight a couple of months sooner than I ever dreamt possible.”

    Wasn’t For Me, Until I Tried It
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