-1 Degree

June 18, 2016

Who likes the cold?

Like seriously who actually enjoys being cold?

It sucks

It makes you want to dive under the covers and just stay there

But, and this is a big but

There is some amazing benefits to the cold

So let me tell you a little story

I have been a human guinea pig for my own crazy ideas for over a decade

And so as happens, when I come across new and exciting things I have to put them to the test

And I’ll be honest here I have done some crazy stuff in my time in the name of results

I once developed a workout so amazing, but so brutal, that I literally couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days.

This was especially fun, because I had basketball practice and I had to get someone to help me out of bed, you can imagine how well training went.

But thats not the point

The results where incredible, but just not worth the pain and suffering.

So I never passed it along to anyone.

But there was one cold winter day and I had come across something that according to the studies had amazing benefits

These included; More energy, burn more fat, better recovery, better start to the day, fights disease,  had even been shown to help with chronic fatigue.

But I wasn’t sure about this one

Purely because it would suck

But you know what, once you got used to it, not only was it not so bad, I actually liked it (Yes I am the minority in this) and my day was never as good without it.

So what is this weird and wonderful thing?

It is a cold shower!

Thats right you heard me

I know you thinking I’m crazy, especially with winter in the mountains, but honestly it is amazing for you

And you can take it at your own pace

Simply start by slightly lowering the temperature of your morning shower at the end.

Ideally you want to get it as cold as possible, but lets start in reality with luke warm and build up to cold.

But once you get there you will be blown away by what you can achieve and what happens with your body.

Give it a go, it wont be the best feeling but you will love the results long term.

Thats all I have for you,

Lachlan “The Iced Guinea Pig” Farley


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