$150 Face Cream

May 19, 2016

I kid you not

Totally ridiculous right?

But my client swears by it

Best thing there is

And I would certainly hope so at that price

But it all comes down to value

What value do you place on your health ?

On being full of energy?

On loving your body?

On feeling confident?

This is the true question, because I see people all the time who decide that it isn’t worth it

But let me put this honestly and as bluntly as I can

If you don’t invest in yourself now you will pay out the ass later, sickness costs 10x more than health ever will

And you will be forced to find the money for sickness, because there is no other option.

I dont say this to be mean,

I say this because I care, I care about your health and well being

I probably care to much

Because it greatly upsets me when people tell me that it is to expensive

And not because it’s my job, but because they haven’t placed a high enough value on themselves to invest in their own future.

I know that I can change your life, so much so that I guarantee it, and I have the testimonials to prove it

So here is my plea to you, please invest in yourself. Take the time and effort to make it happen because it will be the greatest decision of your life, this I can guarantee.

Don’t just join another gym, and waste your time, money and effort getting no where.

Put your faith in me, for your future.

Together we can shape a happier and healthier future.


It will be the best decision you have ever made.

And I look forward to working with you soon.

Until then,

Lachlan “All In For You” Farley

P.S If you are still on the fence, just book the Transformation Session and if at the end of it I have convinced you that this will change your life forever, no hard feelings and we can still be friends promise.



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