June 14, 2016

There are numbers

And then there is NUMBERS

This is one of the latter

You see 20 is a big number

A massive achievement

Well it is in my world

When talking about kilos

It’s important and impressive

Especially when you are referring to a 4 month time frame

Now I hear it all the time, you shouldn’t lose weight to quickly, because you will put all the weight back on

If this comes from a trainer it means they dont know how to structure a program to make sure this doesn’t happen

If this comes from someone else it usually means this has happened to them

For this I am sorry, this means someone has let you down

Someone in my industry hasn’t had enough knowledge or understanding to ensure that all your hardwork and effort has lasted.

This is very sad and must be fixed

I have been told that you can not and shouldn’t lose more than 250g a week at an absolute outside 500g a week

So if you need to lose 25kgs it will take you a year

Now that just seem absurd to me

Why waste so much time to lose that weight and this method in my opinion greatly increases your chance of failure because it is such a long time and such a slow pace why would you be encouraged to stick with it?

You wouldn’t, hell I’d throw the towel in for you.

So what is the answer?

The answer is make sure that you find someone who can play out the whole process, who has enough under their belt to know how to fix things when they slow.

And most of all is going to make sure that if you stick to the plan that weight will never, ever rear it’s ugly head again.

That’s all I have for you today

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Weight Slayer” Farley


Yes I was talking about one of my clients, she is 20kgs lighter in less than 4 months, you can imagine how happy she is right now.

And you could be as well, just click the link today!



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