40kgs Of Dead Weight

May 18, 2016

When you are moving a body, dead weight is very heavy and awkward

Did I just say that?

That wasn’t meant to be out loud

I am kidding of course

But that’s what it feels like, when you realize how much extra weight you where carrying around

It is like lifting the body of all the fat you used to have

This was the exact experience of one my clients, we where doing deadlifts

And she was deadlifting 40kgs

And she asked me how much it was and when I told her she exclaimed I cant believe this is what I used to cary around with me every single day

When you see it in cold hard steel

It makes you stop and think

Makes you wonder how you managed to ever get around

Because it is so heavy and you can hold it for more than a minute or 2

When you break it down like that, is it any wonder that you are tired all the time

That you body aches

That it is hard to do even simple tasks

When you break down and you can see all the extra weight, it can be a confronting sight

Or in this case, an empowering one

To see how far she had come.

So my question for you is this

Not in a rude or mean way

But in an honest and reality check way, how much weight do you need to lose?

How much of a toll is that taking on your body?

How much harder would your life be if you strapped 10,15,20kgs to your body everyday?

Because that is essentially what you have done.

But now imagine the other side,

How much easier it would be if you weren’t carrying that weight anymore?

How much would your quality of life improve?

I leave that question with you.

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Fat Killer” Farley


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