80% Saving!

July 30, 2016

I want you!


No messing around

Just straight up honesty

I want to help you

I want to change your life

And make a difference to your whole family

If you haven’t been following the last couple of days

I have launched my online training and I want you to be apart of our early bird special.

So what do you get;

Life changing results

More confidence

Improved health

Greater energy

Loving life

And more.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

I think so

When you sign up you will gain access to;

Online Training Programs

– With proven training principals from 8 years of experience and programing.

Lifestyle Eating Manual

-Say goodbye to over complex diets, and hello to consistent fat loss and healthy eating

10 Methods to Ultimate Recovery

– Never worry about waking up sore again, you will have perfect recovery with the help of this guide

11 Stretches to keep you limber

-Staying limber is a massive part of staying healthy, this guide will ensure you never miss a beat

Unlimited Support with Training and Nutrition

– Whatever you need for training and eating better, we have you covered.


– We will make sure you are on target, and doing the things required to reach your goals.

3 x New Workouts A Week

– Everything you need to Lose body fat, tone up, and increase your confidence.

Topic of the Week

– Learn new things every week so that you are always moving forward.

Weekly Live Q and A

– Get every question and concern answered, to make sure your always on point

Full Exercise Demonstration

– New exercises uploaded every week so that you have a wide range of movements, so that it never gets stagnant.

Exclusive Content Reserved just For you

– All new content will be released into the group, and wont be available anywhere else.

Part of an AWESOME Group of People to Help Support You…

Honestly this is one of the best packs I’ve delivered and everyone tells me I am nuts for giving it away for $19 but I want to get you in and changing your life.

I want to make an impact on everyone in your life.

I want you to finally get what you deserve…

Happiness, confidence, energy, and more.

So yes today I am bluntly pitching you

Because I know this is a game changer for you and I refuse to stand by and not be passionate about this

I pour my heart and soul into this,

Into what I do

I love it, and it is my mission to change as many lives as possible

So if I have to stand here and be like look at this, look at what I can do for, look at this it will change everything for you, then I will.

Don’t believe me checkout the FREE group I have and all the stuff in that.

This is the next level above that.


Remember there is only 5 spots and this will be gone regardless on Thursday.

Don’t miss out, this is the moment that could change everything

That’s all I have for you,

If you are ready just text “yes” to 0418 246 741 and we will be in contact on Thursday to set you up

Until next time,

Lachlan “Passionate About Your Success” Farley


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