A New Start For Chrissy

November 3, 2016

Chrissy had a familiar story, she was a mum, she worked full time and she never really had time for anything else but work and kids, especially not for herself.

Bur she decided enough was enough it was time to do something for her to make a change and make it happen for her.

She was starting to get back into things she enjoyed and wanted to surf life saving when she realized she wasn’t actually fit enough any more.

She felt down, exhausted and didn’t know where to turn.

Here is what she had to say;

“Before I started training with Lachlan I was feeling very exhausted, frustrated, I had no energy and could not find the time in my day to go to the gym.

I had a goal, made a promise to myself that I would complete my bronze medallion lifesaving course but when it came down to the actual course I realized I had been away from the gym for so long I had no strength or energy to complete the course, I needed help (actually a big kick up the bum!) I had worked myself into such a rut and made excuses for not getting up to exercise felt depressed and started bad eating habits.

After only one month into my training session and omg! The results were starting to show already, I have more energy, the aches in my joints started to disappear and I managed to finish my lifesaving course much earlier than I had anticipated.

I have energy and strength and no more flabby bits I really do feel great within myself and I have my confidence back.

Lachlan your a fantastic trainer with a great fun environment it’s great vibe in you gym.

Thank you


When Chrissy came to see us I knew that she needed help, she was lost and didn’t know where to go from here.

She was uncertain, she didn’t want to waste her time (she didn’t have much) and couldn’t fail again.

But we talked it through and made sure it was the right fit for her.

(By the way if we aren’t 100% sure we are the people for you we wont accept your money)

So we begun, and as you can see she loved every minute of it, she worked hard and her results where amazing. And yet exactly what we predicted, and this was before she started using our lifestyle eating guidelines.

She fitted right in, and became an amazing member of our family.

And she crushed her goals in no time flat.

This is a big part of what we do, help you set goals and make sure that not only do you reach them you smash through them and beyond. We want to make sure that you become the happiest and healthiest version you have ever been.

And that’s no joke, we have taken women just like you to their fittest ever.

We taught her how to use all the equipment properly, helped her strengthen her weakness and excel in all the areas she wanted.

She never had to complete slow boring cardio, she just got stronger, leaner and fitter. All in less time than she ever had invested before.

She invested in herself and the return was 10 fold.

She is fitter and happier than ever before and conquering things she didn’t think possible.

She attended alternating morning sessions at 6am and our evening sessions at 530pm.

She made loads of new friends and went on a journey to change her body and find herself and things she loved again.

And this is a pretty common story for us at Steps to Greatness, because that is exactly what we aim to deliver.

This isn’t just health and fitness, this a new lease on life.

It is about the journey and delivering the best possible experience.

Yours truly,

Your coach


Owner of Steps to Greatness
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