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Physical Training

We don’t waste time with useless outdated methods that bore you to tears, there won’t be hours on a treadmill, or vomit inducing workouts. In our Semi-Private Training you get the best of both worlds personalized programs and attention, while being apart of a fun and vibrant group, where you can make new friends and work off each others energy.

But above all, we ensure that you get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, or you train for FREE until you do.


Nutrition and dieting is one of the biggest and most misunderstood part’s of fitness and health. So we have made it simple for you. Not only will we take care of everything so that all you have to do is follow along.

But we also know that you have a life, a family, work commitments and just generally like to indulge a little bit. We get it, and we do the same. So we have designed our nutrition guidelines around a normal life, so that you don’t have to worry about how many calories or only living on rabbit food.

For real life eating and still burning fat every day, we have you covered.

Mindset & Motivation

Everything you will achieve always starts in the mind, if you can’t see it, it won’t happen. This is why at the start of any program we set out very clear, measurable and achievable goals. Not only for you to know where you are going, but so that we can keep our guarantee of results.

Making the decision to change is the most difficult part, so once you have overcome that obstacle we want to make sure there is nothing in your way, to stop you achieving your goals.

On top of that we will hold you accountable every step of the way, if you aren’t happy with where you are, or not putting in the work. We will talk you through it and make sure to get you back on track to reaching the greatest transformation of your life.

About the Steps to Greatness

Helping Women Transform Their Bodies

We transform lives through, time tested training principals, proper and practical nutrition and changing your mindset. Not only does your body rapidly transform into one that you can be proud of, but you will find yourself feeling happier, more energetic, and results focused. No longer will you accept just being ok with your fitness and health, you will strive to feel amazing, better than you every thought possible. You will become the greatest version of yourself.

9 Years in the Industry
114 Lives changed
1293 Kilos lost
100% Percentage of Clients Who Succeeded
Rapid Body Transformations

Our Secret Formula

Now everyone claims to have a secret formula, the true question is how effective is it and how long lasting are the results? Well let’s break down to simple numbers, if you look at our 10 Day Meltdown Program the average person loses 3+ kgs of unwanted fat. What about our Targeted Fat Loss Program, how about 8 inches in 2 weeks across your body.

So how Is it done?

We use hormone manipulation, through nutrition timing paired with workouts designed to target fat loss and continue to burn it for up 48 hours after you leave the gym. That means no more calorie counting and boring as hell chicken and veggies. This means still getting to eat the foods you enjoy at the right times, to keep your body constantly progressing forward.

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Our Philosophy

We are here to deliver results beyond your wildest dreams.

We aren’t here to kick around and take your money, we are here to see you succeed, if you aren’t seeing the results that we know you should be, we will keep training you for FREE until you do.

We want to change your life, to help you to become the happiest, healthiest, fittest and most confident version of yourself.

At the end of the day we want you to walk away going WOW my life will never be the same thanks to Steps to Greatness.

  • “I’ve been training with Lachlan for three months, and in that time have experienced enormous changes for the better. Apart from losing weight and increasing muscle mass, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy levels and vitality, as well as benefits for my mood and state of mind.

    Lachlan is an excellent trainer who really knows his stuff – and his approach goes well beyond lifting weights to encompass nutrition and lifestyle factors. He is an effective, intelligent and inspiring personal trainer who really cares about his job and his clients.

    If you’re looking for a personal trainer who really gets results, you can’t go past Lachlan.”


    Rosie – Not Only Weight Loss, But Mood And State Of Mind
  • “I have achieved so many things that I never dreamt possible since writing this testimonial 6 months ago that I need to update it.

    My Doctor was so impressed with the weight loss and improved overall heath, that he stopped all my prescription medication and wanted your details. I had a really annoying cough which was a side effect, it too has gone. My chiropractor just couldn’t stop commenting “ You look so amazing and you don’t compare with your previous notes.”

     Also being able to keep up with or beat those a lot younger than me has enabled me to join in activates I never would have thought of before.

    I will admit it hasn’t always been easy but the support, help and advice whenever I needed it has been invaluable.

    For anyone wanting to see results this is the way to go!”

    “For anyone wanting to see results this is the way to go!”
  • “I have been training with Steps to Greatness for a couple of months now.  With Lachlan’s suggestion I tried the 10 Day Challenge my first thought was this isn’t for me.  But after a few training sessions and a visit to the Dr it was time to try.   

    The results I have achieved from the 10 Day Challenge has been truly amazing – something I never thought possible.  It was a challenge and it is totally changing the way I look at food and exercise.  

    I enjoy the variety in each training sessions as well being able to see improvements over time. I also really appreciated the daily support to face each days challenge of the diet etc. I am looking forward to hitting that next weight loss goal – It is now in sight a couple of months sooner than I ever dreamt possible.”

    Wasn’t For Me, Until I Tried It
  • “Steps to Greatness is a great private gym and personal training service. Lachlan is informative and fun so it doesn’t feel like exercise. I especially like the tailored sessions Lachlan puts together. It is in a great location with heaps of parking. If you need that extra push I highly recommend Lachlan/Steps to Greatness.”


    Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise
  • Before I started training with Lachlan I was feeling very exhausted, frustrated, I had no energy and could not find the time in my day to go to the gym.

    I had a goal, made a promise to myself that I would complete my bronze medallion lifesaving course but when it came down to the actual course I realised I had been away from the gym for so long I had no strength or energy to complete the course, I needed help ( actually a big kick up the bum!) I had worked myself into such a rut and made excuses for not getting up to exercise felt depressed and started bad eating habits.

    After only one month into my training session and omg! The results were starting to show already, I have more energy, the aches in my joints started to disappear and I managed to finish my lifesaving course much earlier than I had anticipated.

     I have energy and strength and no more flabby bits I really do feel great within myself and I have my confidence back.

    Lachlan your a fantastic trainer with a great fun environment it’s great vibe in you gym.

    Thank you


    Chrissy – Exhausted To Surf Life Saver
  • Leanne

    She has already dropped a number of dress sizes, and is throwing out clothes that are to big for her at a rapid rate. The best example was that she had bought a pair of pants for a funeral and a couple of weeks later when she was wearing the same pants and couldn’t work out why she kept stepping on them. This was due to the fact that they where no longer sitting high enough because her waist had shrunk so much.

    This is what she had to say after just a couple of weeks

    “The last couple of weeks have been amazing I feel great, I have a lot more energy than before I started and I can notice changes in my body shape already.  I weighed myself at the beginning of the week and have already lost 4.6kg. I’m so happy with the results. I’m also surprised at how much I enjoy training and the eating plan is easy to stick to. I can’t thank Lachlan enough for all his encouragement.


    Leanne – Dress Size After Dress Size
  • Ann

    Thinking back to when I first started, if you had said to me then; in 12 months I will have you fitting into size 10 clothes, not need any medication, lift more than I weigh, never sit on the side lines but know I can give anything ago and still eat my favourite foods,  I would not have believed you. 

    It hasn’t all been easy, but I think the hardest thing to learn was when to eat my favourite foods. After thinking, I could get away with it too much and too often, the scales soon remind me. I no longer beat myself up over the number on the scales, I now know what to do and 10 short days I can get it back under control.  

    Trusting I can keep myself within my limits, now I have more of an idea what they are. If I knew what tomorrow was going to be, I would never start some things. But I hate to think what tomorrow would be if I never started. I am sure I wouldn’t  be doing what I am now.

    What you sacrifice in the diet and the time to the workouts is soon made up in the increased confidence and physical ability and energy.

    I would never have previously attempted anything that required energy but sat and watched everyone else have fun, now at least I give it a go. In the last 6 months I have tried paddle boarding, ice skating, rock climbing, and a visit to tree tops to name a few.

    – Ann

    Ann From Size 20-10
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