Better Sleep, More Energy, Happier Life In 5 Simple Steps PART 2

November 22, 2016


Now we are getting serious,

Simple steps to drastically improve your life

Isn’t that what we all want

A better life?

More happiness?

An abundance of energy everyday?

Peaceful sleep?

Well that’s what we are delivering all it takes is you to implement it

If you haven’t read part 1



And go read that first

Or simply sign up for my 12 week program

Because within those 12 weeks we are going to give you all the tools to not only transform and love your body, but to give you the energy, sleep and happiness that you wont know how you lived without.

We will make changes to your life that you won’t believe

Many of our clients bound out of bed in the morning, excited for the day and ready for an amazing experience in our studio.

Now let’s bring you back to today because regardless you are going to need to do this next tip!

So you ready?

So step 2 seems pretty obvious but it is so often over looked


Drum roll please


That’s right

Now this is a double up one,

Not only will this improve your happiness, because of endorphins, confidence, etc.

You know all those good things

But it will create more energy

Now I know your thinking but exercise makes me tired



Well not fully wrong

It makes you tired at that time but as a general rule will give you more energy

For this I refer to Newton’s law

OH yeah now we are getting into the good stuff

Taking you back to school

But one of Newton’s law’s states

Things in motion stay in motion

Now this just doesn’t apply to particles and such things it applies to YOU

And me.

Let me tell you a story

If you don’t know me, I wasn’t always fit and healthy in fact I actually started off over weight, fat, depressed, and just generally hating my body and my life.

This didn’t come naturally to me

Even when I was exercising more than anyone had a right to, I still didn’t have the body I desired, to the point where I have struggled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Anyway, once I found my grove and passion I knew this was for me.

I love this, it is my life’s calling.

I will be training until the day I die,

It wasn’t easy, but I’ve made it there.

Now I had pushed myself to the brink and my body just needed a break

So I took a week off from training and diet

Took some time to myself and enjoyed the good things in life, way more than I normally do.

It was amazing

(NB I teach my clients how they can do this, eat the foods they love on a regular basis without putting on fat)

And you know what happened?

I was shocked at myself

When I got to the end of my week off

I didn’t want to go back, I was more tired than I had ever been

My body ached, I wasn’t sleeping

I couldn’t get up in the morning

I was unhappy



The whole 9 yards

It was horrible

And guess what happened…

Can you guess?

I made myself start exercising again

I stopped over indulging

And I instantly felt better

2 days into getting back to work everything was better again.

Because I was back in motion

That being said

That week wasn’t the most pleasant because it does take a while to get truly back into flow

Into motion

But once you are there, everything becomes easier.

Now I felt like rubbish for 3 reasons

1. Because I was sitting still.

(out of motion)

There is a saying that goes “we are either growing or dying these are the only two options,

So when you stop you start dying”

That’s intense way of looking at it, but sadly it seems to be the one that rings true all the time.

2. You will have to wait until part 3

3. You will have to wait until part 4

See what I did there

But it’s worth the wait I promise

And they all play into each other

But honestly these steps have nothing on what can be accomplished in just 2 weeks when you sign for our 12-week program

In the first 2 weeks, you could lose 5kgs (true story has happened more than once)

Have energy levels like you where a kid again

(Seriously do they ever stop)

And wake up every morning filled with pride and happiness

That’s what awaits in the 12 week program

But that is all I have for you today

Until next time,

Your coach



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