Breaks My Heart

May 27, 2016

Nothing hurts more than this

Honestly, it does break my heart

I can’t express how sad it makes me to watch

It is why I got into this industry

To make a difference, to change lives

And make sure that people just like you don’t waste time, money and effort on things that dont work.

It’s the hardest part about going to comercial gyms

Is watching countless women waste there time on classes and on the treadmill and to never see any real change.

But this once especially hurt

I had this women come into see me, she told me what she wanted, I told her that it would take a while. This would be a long term project for her and she would need to commit all in.

She decided that the plan was to much for her and she didn’t want to attend as often as was required for her goals.

That always hurts, when I cant convey my message enough that you know that I can help you change your life.

But this time was worse, because while I was
doing my own workout I saw her working out with one of the trainers at the local gym.
Initially I thought good on her, she is still out doing something making that change.

Which at the end of the day is what matters most.

And then I watched her getting trained

My heart sank

It was just awful

Like no other way to explain it

I don’t like bad mouthing people, but my god it was bad.

And it hurt me to watch

Not only for this poor women, but for my industry

I watched this and thought to myself no wonder nobody trusts personal trainers.

If I got trained like this I wouldn’t trust them either

So let me break it down for you,

First he took this poor women into the middle of the weight section and made her lie on the floor and do a single weight movement.

There are benches right next to her.

But then he got her to stand up and jump

She is surrounded by big beefy guys, gorillas and just looks super uncomfortable.

And on top of that he proceded to make her do exercises which are body building movements designed to isolate the muscle and add certain lines.

Which isn’t important unless you are in the 15% body fat range for a woman.

Basically I watched her go through a workout for an hour that looked uncomfortable in terms of where she was and at the end of the day will literally achieve nothing for her.

And that breaks my heart to see this woman do everything right, she is trying hard, hired a trainer and if she loses more than a dress size over all I will be shocked.

All I have to say is, I applaud your energy and effort. You should be insanely proud of that, but please, pretty please make sure that you get the proper help you need so that you get the results you deserve.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Broken Hearted” Farley

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