Burn Baby Burn

September 8, 2016

That’s right it is a disco inferno

This was one of the favorite lines of a client of mine

Because as she was working out we would build up one hell of burn in the muscles

And yes I am aware that does sound awful

Standardly speaking it is the thing most people shy away from

But I am going to tell you that every time you shy away from that burning in your muscles

You are ruining your fat burning capabilities

This might sound a bit melodramatic but I promise you it is not

You see the burning sensation in your legs is the key to creating that lean sexy muscle you desire so badly

Let me explain…

When you get the build up of lactic acid in your muscles it is due to the metabolic process of creating energy within the muscle

This process is essential and when you create this burning sensation your body reacts in kind by releasing hormones to deal with it

These hormones will in turn help your body to burn more fat and develop lean sexy muscle

It sounds like a win to me

But there is a catch

There is always a catch

Well actually there is 2 catches

1. It hurts, sucks and takes a bit of mental fortitude to push through it

(Don’t worry even I fall short on this one sometimes.)

And 2. It has to happen in a short period of time

Aka weight training, intense bursts of exercise or isometric movements

So slowly jogging for hours on end isn’t the answer.

But on the plus side we can smash this out in 20 mins and be on our way to lean beautifulness

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That’s all I have for you today

Head towards the burn, you won’t regret it.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Love The Burn” Farley


Tomorrow is all about the isometric

I’ll even put up a video in the Fb group showing you exactly how it is done so don’t miss that



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