But I Do Paleo

June 20, 2016

Or the 5-2

The Ketogenic Diet

The list goes on about possible options for diets

There is 1001 different types you can try

And you know what?

To a certain extent they will all work

Basically anything with a slight working basis will deliver results for a while

The question is…

1. Is that the most effective method?


2. Are you able to maintain it

Because there are some that are very effective but mean that you have no life to be able to stick to them

And then there are others that aren’t effective at all, but for obvious reasons easy to maintain.

So you need to find your equilibrium and what I would say is if you find something that works for you, stick with it. Regardless if the next big thing has come out

I would also say, give it time.

You need to stick with something for at least 12 weeks before you move onto the next thing

It takes time, for changes to happen, and for everything to kick in.

This is why all of my programs are at least 12 weeks long.

When it comes to nutrition I work on a very different concept to most people

But it has worked time and time again

And most importantly it is flexible and can easily slot into your life to produce maximum results, as well as boost energy levels, how you feel everyday, and overall just make your life better.

Without being complex, it deleivers everything that you could desire

And you can argue that X diet is way better and that may be the case,

But I can tell you my┬áprogram is easy and can be added to everybody’s life.

To the point where I had someone seeking my help and I was explaining my nutrition concept and she flat out told me that the paleo diet was way better.

And that I shouldn’t waste my time with this crappy diet.

I listened politely and asked her if it was so good why she was seeking my help?

She went quiet, and that was the end of the discussion.

The point is, I have known lots of people who have achieved results on many other diets

My self included, the diet I am on now is not the only diet that has worked for me.

But this diet suits my goals at the present, and I am about to change to a new one to test if that is a better option.

But at the end of the day, either trust in the information you have and that, that diet will work for you or seek a new one that will fit with your life style and deleiver the results you desire.

That’s all I have for you today,

Until next time,

Lachlan “Do What Works” Farley


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