May 18, 2016

That’s right it is time to party

To kick back

Enjoy the good life

And just live it up

Well at least the Steps to Greatness way

With party hates, ballons and exercise

You see we have had some big mile stones last week and an even bigger one soon

You see 2 of my members turned 1 last week

That’s right they have been training with me for a year

It is truly outstanding to see such commitment and follow through from these members

We have been together so long I have come to call them friends

But you know what 1 year in and they couldn’t be happier both in the best shape of their lives

And still moving forward

They are loving their training and how far they have come and I couldn’t be more proud

And as I said we had a party, like a fitness party should be held, with balloons attached to the weights and party hats for our special guests.

And soon we are going to be celebrating one of our dear members turning 2, thats right they have been with us nearly as long as we have been open.

Now thats incredible

So why do I tell you this?

Well it is two fold my friend

One I love to see this kind of commitment and this is what it takes

Two which is more important, that you need to be realistic that making such a change in your life can take time

Now don’t get me wrong they got incredibly quick results, but you also have to follow through to get all the way to the end.

One of these clients has changed goals 4 times because we have smashed through them and have moved our sights onto better things.

And sometimes it is just easier to keep coming to me and have everything sorted, yes they know what they need to do

But you turn up you dont have to think, you just follow what I say and BAM results.

Everyone has different reasons for starting and just as much different reasons for staying

So what is your reason?

Does it matter enough to you to make a change for your future?


Until next time

Lachlan “Celebrate The Family” Farley


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