Don’t Forget The Gut

July 7, 2016

How could you forget about the gut

It brings so much pain and anguish

Because those damned taste buds take so much pleasure

But looking after your gut is of real importance

There has been a massive push for it these days

Especially with the influence of eastern medicine, there is a term in Chinese medicine called leaky gut syndrome, this is not recognised by western society.

But what it refers to is basically the leaking and leaching of nutrients from the digestive system.

This can cause an array of health problems, sometimes in rare cases even malnutrition.

But it is one that is commonly ignored.

You may have seen the rise of the fermented foods, these are great friends with your gut.

Things like kefir and kombucha are an excellent way to help look after your gut health and depending on who you are, can be pretty tasty as well.

Plus once you have gotten the starts you can make them yourself at home.

Now I have zero culinary skills what so ever, I make food that is nutritionally good for you and might have a bit of spices and herbs on it.

Thankfully my fiancée is a culinary genius and she makes these amazing meals for us.

I do try, and do my part but at the end of the day my meals are broken down to requiring this much protein, fat and carbs.

(Don’t worry I’ve worked with others to make sure your diet doesn’t look like that and is actually something enjoyable and easy to follow)

But my point is that she makes kombucha and kefir for us at home, takes her like 5 minutes once you have the starter pack.

So there are many things that you can do to improve your gut health and your overall health.

Not to mention that this will help improve your metabolism and in return deleiver greater results.

Doesn’t that sound like a worthwhile thing to do?

That by simply adding a fermented yogurt and fermented tea to your diet you can burn more fat.

So I would encourage you to look into adding these simple things to you diet.

They dont have to be expensive to make either, it costs us $8 a week to make roughly 2kgs of kefir.

So that’s all I have for you today,

Until next time,

Lachlan “All About The Ferment” Farley


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