Dr Google

May 18, 2016

If you have never used Dr Google you are most certainly missing out

It is the quickest way of going from a runny nose to most certain death in about 10 minutes.

I kid you not if you look up your symptoms of most illnesses there is always some worst case scenario that you will stumble across that means you are dying

So as a general rule I would always advise against not looking up symptoms on google

The same goes for fitness advice

1. There is more information than you could ever possibly hope to consume

And 2. a lot of it is crap just plain and simple

Either out dated or wasn’t good to begin with

Hell even a lot of the stuff Personal Trainers are taught these days are out dated and a waste of time.

But I still get it all the time people telling me I read this on facebook you should give it a go or read this article by this obscure writer it is worth a look

And the honest answer is no

I do a lot of reading, a lot of research, I make sure everything I study is backed up by studies and before I ever give anything to a member I ensure that I test it on myself first so that I know exactly what you are going through.

So no I am not going to randomly try something because some guy on FB said it was a good idea

This is nothing against them, this is everything to do with me

Because I pride myself on delivering the absolute best service humanly possible

And that is not going to be the case if i switch to new ideas every time something pops up.

And usually what I will respond with is show me the proof that it works

Explain your reasoning as to why this would be a good idea.

This upsets people because they can’t

To the point where I has a women sought out my advice and when I gave it to her she told me that I was wrong and that she had been using the paleo diet and it was much more effective.

I simply said to her if it so effective then why do you need my help to get healthy and lose weight?

This is the truth of the matter yes there is a million and one ways to do this

But if it isn’t working for you, it’s not the right one


And yes I get the hypocritical nature of being on the internet and giving advice and telling you not to listen to anything on the net, that’s clearly because the only source you need is Steps to Greatness haha

But always make sure that they can back up there information

Until next time,

Lachlan “My Own Dr Google” Farley

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my experience
being Dr Google


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