Eat More, Lose More

June 10, 2016

Thats right you heard me

You need to eat more food if you want to lose weight

Now this might sound absolutely crazy but it is true

Kind of anyway

You see the biggest problem these days with diets is;

1. They are to constrictive, more about everything you can’t have and less about the things that you can have

2. They cut your food intake way to low for extended periods of time

And 3. They dont take into account your hormones

This is a problem

Today we are just going to talk about number 2

I am going to skip all the boring science stuff and get straight to the point

Simply put your body requiers a certain amount of food each day just to exist

If you have less than that, your body must find the energy from another source

Usually this is fat

Thus how you burn body fat

However the body is very good at adapting to change

So if you sit at low level for an extended period of time your body will adjust and lower your metabolism to suit

This is a bad thing

It means you have to continuously lower your food intake so that you will burn fat

This is why I have a problem with these kinds of diets, they are just not sustainable long term

Where as if you change the foods you eat, most of the time and up your intake you will raise your metabolism and you will burn more fat from purely existing

I am not big on calorie counting

But it is a simple way to correct this process

If your required calories is 2000 a day make sure you are getting those 2000 a day, from sources such as meat, veggies, nuts, etc

Once you have done this for a month

You will find that you feel better, function better and just generally look better

If combined with a good exercise plan, look out, those results will come flying in.

Not the best example in the world, but I have successfully done this to the point for me to reduce my calories I am eating 3500 a day

An average person wont ever require more than 2000 maybe 2500

And this is for me to burn extra fat, I was at 4200 for a while.

So yes with the right tools you can eat more, a lot more and burn fat

Thats all I have for you today

Until next time,

Lachlan “Big Food, Small Waist” Farley


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