Eating Disorders

June 24, 2016

The tabu subject

But it is becoming more and more of an issue in todays society

As an obesity epidemic is hitting the world, there is still a rise in eating disorders

And I can’t blame people

There is so much pressure to be skinny,

The only positive is that there is a surge for fit, more than skinny now days

But the problem is still there

I have personally battled with this one.

When I first began my journey of weight loss I was obsessed with the notion of having a 6 pack

And would do anything to have it.

I would justify my actions with science and yes I never got to extreme levels of an eating disorder, and am in no way trying to claim I have, but that was because I was playing basketball and still needed to compete and because I wanted to carry muscle at the same time.

Despite these factors I have gotten down to 67kgs, I was an extremely little guy at this point.

Thankfully I managed to pull myself out of this, I still struggle with body issues and probably will for the rest of my life.

But I am aware and have made peace with them as much as I can.

So why do I tell you this?

Because I wanted to give you some back story

Tomorrow I am going to talk to you about all the things wrong with extreme diets and how to counteract them

But I wanted you to know that I am not talking crap, I am not pulling it out of no where and going I understand.

I have been at both ends of the spectrum to reach a point of healthy living.

I have been the heavily overweight guy, with incredibly low self esteem.

I have also been the tiny little guy who wouldn’t eat because I didn’t want to get fat again.

I understand, I know it is a horrible feeling

And that is why I want to help YOU!

I want to help you reach your goals,

I want you to feel on top of the world, loving life, abundant with energy and most of all proud of your body and how far you have come.

No one should feel like crap,

So I want to give you the tools and guide you to feeling like a million bucks.

So take the plunge with me today

Click the link below.

Until tomorrow,

Lachlan “Been Through It” Farley


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