Everything You Know Is Wrong

June 1, 2016

It is

Honestly there is just so much crap out there

So many things that are wrong

So many people wasting time

And it’s not your fault

But what you know is wrong

See today I am going to tell you about the foods that you need to be eating for more energy and great fat loss

And it’s the one that you have always been told to stay away from if you want to lose weight

Well I want to buck the trend

To throw a spanner in the works and give you something that will actually work.

So what is it?

I want you to eat…


That’s right you heard me

Carbs, are vital to your success in so many areas

Especially for women

You see you brain runs on carbs, they keep you happy and healthy and short term give you energy.

Now you don’t need them for energy but it does help.

But there is a catch when it comes to eating carbs and I’m going to throw another curve ball at you.

I only want you to eat your carbs at night.

I’m not even kidding and no you wont store them as fat

In fact it will actually increase your fat burning and mean you wake up in the morning full of energy.

So challenge the way you eat and see what results you can achieve.

Now I told you yesterday I might break it down exactly what to eat, but I want to save it.

Let this mind boggling piece of information settle in and tomorrow I’ll lay another one on you.

Then, and only then can I put it all together for you.

Until then,

Lachlan “Buck The Trend” Farley


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