Have You Found Dory

August 23, 2016

Now as mentioned yesterday

I am a giant kid

I love my cartoons

Now thanks to my niece I have an excuse to watch them

It is fantastic!

So the other day we watched Finding Dory

Pretty decent actually, I enjoyed it, good story line

And enough jokes for both child and adult

The perfect mix

Now the basis of the movie is that Dory remembers that she has a family and she wants to find them

So she spends most of the movie in pursuit of her family, which is made a lot more difficult due to her short term memory loss

She keeps forgetting what she is doing and where she is, so is in constant need of help along this journey

Now I wont spoil the ending

But this concept made me think…

Is this you?

You see, I come across some women who have these memories of where they used to be

How they used to look

How they used to feel about themselves

And they want to get back there

Now I totally get it

I really do

Everyone wants to be back in their youth, feeling amazing

Loving life and your body

But at the same point, you start to blur where you where

What you had

It becomes this foggy memory, but you know that you are pursuing it

Now sadly, you can’t ever get back there

No matter how hard you try

Especially without help

But you can get to somewhere new, which is just as good.

Because as old father time passes

You have to change

It is just how it is

Can’t avoid these facts

But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible

You just have to take a different route

You can love your body again,

You can feel confident and sexy

You can be fit and healthy

All these are possible

You just need the right friends to guide you there

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Until next time

Lachlan “Found Dory” Farley


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