How Angelia Got A Second Chance

November 3, 2016

In my time as a trainer I have seen some truly amazing transformations, see many lives be changed for the better, and see people they thought they never could achieve.

But none so much as what Angelia has achieved.

She is a different person to when she started, how far she has come is an inspiration to all in my opinion.

She has lost 50+kgs, she has lost 20+ inches off her waist and a further 20+ inches off her hips. All in less than 12 months.

She came in with a goal and we will reach it before the end of the year, I couldn’t be more proud of what she has accomplished.

Angelia was the first to try the process that we will be using at our Blaxland location that will be opening in the very near future.

She partook in our circuit, complex and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program attending sessions 3-5x a week.

This is a very effective method where we combine whole body training to burn fat, build strength and endurance, develop aerobic capacity and of course completely transform your body.

This method has allowed her to drop more weight and body fat than anyone thought possible. In a group setting, where she learnt about simple weights, bands and body weight exercises to deliver rapid results.

While being in a group setting she was still instructed properly to make sure that she was always doing the movements properly and working to her maximum capacity.

This was a revelation pushing further than she knew she could to achieve new levels of results. This environment generates fun and excitement as well as making new friends and experiencing new things.

Many of our clients will go grab a coffee or hang out together once they have completed their workouts.

These style of workouts have a great transfer over to all aspects of life, including strength in everyday life, endurance and aerobic capacity to walk further or even run, more mobility and flexibility to do more with ease, as well help generate more energy to get through the day.

You to could experience all these amazing benefits and more.

With the opening of our Blaxland location for this style of training we will be offering an introductory founding member price of $39 per week. This gives you unlimited classes (as many as you can handle), plus exclusive to our founder members you will be added to our private facebook group, where you can get access to more workouts, recipes and guidelines to really sky rocket your results.

To begin with session times will be 6am and 7am Monday to Friday, with more sessions being added as we grow our family. Each class will run for an hour and we will have something new for you each time, so that it never gets boring.

So come join our family and together lets transform your body and your life.

Yours truly,

Your coach


Owner of Steps to Greatness

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