How Ann Transformed Her Life

November 3, 2016

Ann came in to see me unhappy, over weight and incredibly unhealthy.

She had been doing a boot camp previously but this had been done on an oval rain, hail or shine. Not only had she gotten sick and injured she had failed to see any results from her efforts.

She had tried diets, and other programs on her own and had been told by her family to get the gastric bypass or lap band.

To say she was desperate was an understatement.

So we sat down, talked her through what she was feeling, what she wanted to achieve and the exact process it was going to take to get there.

We made sure that she knew this was a safe place, using our private training studio meant that there would only be others like her training with her. And everyone was on a similar journey, just at different stages.

So she took one last leap of faith of and trusted us, and she has never looked back.

Here is what she had to say;
“Thinking back to when I first started, if you had said to me then; in 12 months I will have you fitting into size 10 clothes, not need any medication, lift more than I weigh, never sit on the side lines but know I can give anything ago and still eat my favorite foods, I would not have believed you. It hasn’t all been easy, but I think the hardest thing to learn was when to eat my favorite foods.

After thinking, I could get away with it too much and too often, the scales soon remind me. I no longer beat myself up over the number on the scales, I now know what to do and 10 short days I can get it back under control.

Trusting I can keep myself within my limits, now I have more of an idea what they are. If I knew what tomorrow was going to be, I would never start some things. But I hate to think what tomorrow would be if I never started.

I am sure I wouldn’t be doing what I am now.

What you sacrifice in the diet and the time to the workouts is soon made up in the increased confidence and physical ability and energy.

I would never have previously attempted anything that required energy but sat and watched everyone else have fun, now at least I give it a go. In the last 6 months I have tried paddle boarding, ice skating, rock climbing, and a visit to tree tops to name a few.”

Truly amazing stuff, friends and family are constantly asking her what her secret is and she simply smiles and replies Steps to Greatness.

It isn’t complex, we take care of EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is show up to the sessions be guided through our simple and straight forward process.

Then sit back and watch your whole life change, with more confidence, energy, happiness and of course a new wardrobe.

We will teach you how to use weights, and feel comfortable in the gym.

How to BURN FAT while you sitting at home.

How to eat properly so that you DON’T have to give up the foods you love.

How to change your body without spending hours in the gym on cardio equipment

How to get results that will last for life, not just a few weeks.

All in our private training studio.

This program will completely change your life in a safe and enjoyable environment, where you can make new friends and enjoy the journey together.

We have training sessions at 6am, 530pm and 630pm.

And always looking to add more as needed by our family.

Because we are a family here, every single one of our clients becomes family the second you join Steps to Greatness and we are as invested in your success as you are!

So come join us, become family, and see how together we can completely change your life for GOOD.

GUARANTEED, or you train for FREE until we do.

Yours Truly,

Your Coach


Owner of Steps to Greatness


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