How Leanne Regained Her Energy

November 3, 2016

When I met Leanne, she had already started a very long journey and was doing an amazing job. I was already impressed with what she had achieved.

But I knew that there was a long way to go.

She told me that she had my stuff for a while now, but hadn’t been ready yet to commit to the next level. She had just started with walking and was progressing at her own pace.

But now was the time, she had made the decision to move into the next stage.

She wanted to lose weight, to have more energy, to get back to the fit person she had been, to be there for her grandkids.

She wanted to able to get to the floor to play with her grandson, and to be able to walk up Katoomba Street without having to stop

These where amazing goals, and I could feel the pain and the truth in her words.

So we began, I knew she was going to be an amazing client because she had decided to go all in.

This is what she said after just a few weeks;

The last couple of weeks have been amazing I feel great, I have a lot more energy than before I started and I can notice changes in my body shape already. I weighed myself at the beginning of the week and have already lost 4.6kg. I’m so happy with the results. I’m also surprised at how much I enjoy training.

I can’t thank Lachlan and Steps to Greatness enough for all their encouragement.

And this was just the begging, Leanne has developed incredible amounts of strength and fitness.

Having great playtime with her grandson and doing so with ease, Katoomba street or any hill for that matter is now an easy task.

Not to mention the amount of energy and happiness that she has now.

To the point where her daughter asked her why she was so happy all the time now.

She did this through our circuit training style program, where you get to keep moving throughout the session completing lost of different movements to not only burn lots of fat and tone muscle, but also to develop strength that will make all aspects of life easier.

And did I mention this method means that you can burn fat for up to 48 hours after you have finished the workout?

Doesn’t that sound like a win, sitting on the couch and still burning fat? I know that’s something I can get on board with.

Plus the added bonus of doing it in a group means that you make new friends. Leanne often has coffee with friends she has met in the workouts.
Which just makes the whole experience better.

Here we will teach you how to do all the movements correctly to make sure that you get the absolute most out of it all and to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.

Proper form leads to better results, and safe exercise.

We will unveiling this concept in Blaxland in the very near future, and we are about to open up for founding members.

These members who sign before we open will receive; A lifelong discounted price of $39 a week, Unlimited session, FREE access to our private FB group that covers nutrition, workouts, exercise and general health tips, plus receive our exclusive recipe book to make sure that you are eating the tastiest food possible.

To begin with session times will be 6am and 7am Monday to Friday, with more sessions being added as we grow our family. Each class will run for an hour and we will have something new for you each time, so that it never gets boring.

So come join our family and lets change your life for the better.

Yours truly,

Your coach


Owner of Steps to Greatness


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