How To Get Away With Murder

August 29, 2016

That is right today we are talking about murder

More specifically how to commit it and get away with it

Now as you may know I have been taking a bit of time off this last month to try and recharge the batteries and get back to myself so that I can provide the absolute best possible service to you and my amazing clients.

This has resulted in a bit more free time, which lead to Netflix, which has lead to binge watching TV.

Now I am not ashamed of this

But Netflix has made this whole process a hell of a lot easier to do

Anyway, I discovered this show called how to get away with murder, there was a massive hype around it when it first came out

Now I understand why

It is amazing

I’ve plowed through the first season and most of the second season in the last week

The basic concept is that you have some law students; one of the classes they take is dubbed how to get away with murder

It is one of those suspenseful shows that gives you a little bit of what’s to come in the future then brings you back to the now and slowly reveals clues about what is going on.

As it goes on you learn more about the characters and what roles they have played in certain situations.

Fantastic stuff, I would highly recommend it and seeing as we are coming up to prime TV time in the next 2 months (the time when all new seasons start airing) now is the time to get into it.

But it did remind of you…

And your workouts

You see what often happens is that you see others doing things and it leaves these little clues

Or you follow people (like myself) and they give you snippets of what you need to know

But without the full picture it doesn’t really help

Does it?

So that’s why I do this email to give you as much info as I can (and keep it interesting) and that’s also why I run my FREE Online Group which has weekly live videos to give you more in depth info on different way’s to lose weight, eat better and look amazing.

But I wanted to step it up even further

So today, I am giving you one of the HIIT workouts from my Premium Online Group to really show you a simple program to burn more body fat.

With this workout you will not only know how to murder your body fat, but be able to get away with it as well.

haha bad joke, but had to be made.

So that’s all I have for you today

Until next time,

Lachlan “Not A Murderer” Farley


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