How To Target, Tone And Tighten

May 20, 2015

Thats right I have some less than traditional methods on how to target, tone and tighten up those areas that you are less than fond of.

So bare with me

I know they will be out there, and not what you are used to hearing, but if you take up these things I promise that you will be noticing big changes in no time.

So first let me give you a bit of a back story.

So lets talk about Leigh.

When Leigh came to see me, she had tried everything, and nothing had really worked.

But I will let her tell you exactly what was going on.

“Over the last 2 decades I’ve struggled with my weight and have tried, and failed, many methods.

The Steps of Greatness studio focusses on both exercise and diet in a small supportive setting. Lachlan has a genuine interest in my health and well being. He applies an innovative and fun approach to motivate his clients.

Whilst it hasn’t been easy and has required many early mornings, a willingness to change longstanding habits and being open to different approaches to exercise and diet, I have started to see many positive results.

I’ve lost 22kgs, which equates to 4 dress sizes and can now wear my engagement and wedding rings. I have more energy and am a happier and healthier person.

I still have some way to go to reach my ultimate goal but have every confidence that I will achieve these with the continued support and focus from Lachlan and his trainee, Chris.

In addition to achieving these personal goals, I’ve been fortunate to meet some wonderful women who are also taking these steps to health and fitness. I find our exercise sessions to be filled with laughter and support which is personally enjoyable and rewarding.”

Just wonderful, Leigh had done the personal training thing before (Not that’s what I do, what I do falls under an experience and something that you must try for yourself to understand) But that hadn’t really worked.

So she was a bit skeptical coming in, but I came highly recommended so she gave it a shot and we quickly showed her that at Steps to Greatness we play a different game to most.

How can I be sure of this?

Well in the first 2 weeks she lost 2kgs and a total of 4 inches.

We then got into it and kicked it up a few notches and she continued to lose 1-2 inches every 2 weeks.

And all from her most hated areas her stomach and hips.

So how did she do it?

Well it is highly controversial and you will most likely go this guy is nuts.

And thats ok

But if you actually take action and implement these, your body will drastically change.

So here’s what She discovered

1. “Skipping breakfast is the best way to ensure that you are burning fat for a longer periods of time and to ensure that you keep your hormones in check to not store extra fat during the day.”

Crazy I know, but honest it will work so much better than having breakfast and if you follow some of the other tips you will actually have way more energy.

You ever noticed how you get tired in the middle of the afternoon?

Thats because your body relies on carbohydrates or food for energy, so when you run out, you crash.

But by never spiking your insulin levels (which is the main hormone involved in fat burning) you body then doesn’t crash and will actually use residual stores and then body fat to create energy.

Sounds like a better option, doesn’t it?

2. “That using weights or body weight movements is 10x more effective than using steady state cardio as method of burning fat, as well as developing strength and endurance that makes everyday life easier.”

Now I often hear the concern that I don’t want to look like a man from lifting weights, I can pretty much guarantee that wont happen, to develop like that goes against the natural body development of a women and takes years of meticulous hard work and dedication.

So don’t worry that wont happen, what will happen is you will develop nice slender muscle, you will develop strength and endurance that will make everything from cleaning to walking easier, and most importantly well burn lots of fat and make you super healthy.

What’s not to love there

And for those asking about aerobic capacity, when used correctly you will actually develop much greater aerobic and anaerobic capacity. (In other words is the energy systems you use)

To put it simply if you follow one of my programs for 12 weeks without ever running you will have the capacity to run better than ever before.

3. “And finally, the most controversial of all. Getting blood flow to your problem areas is one of the quickest ways to help break down fat and burn it from the areas you want gone the quickest, simply by using those muscles in an intense manor and adding extra heat aka compression clothes will greatly reduce these areas.”

Many people will disagree with me on this and say that spot reduction is a myth.

But I have case studies that suggest otherwise. And if you want the exact methods I use, click this link and download your FREE report today and you to can be burning fat from those problem areas in no time.

4. “A bonus trick, the only time you eat carbs is at night, eating slow digesting carbs will cause less fat storage and more energy throughout the day, not to mention sleeping better at night.”

Remember how I mentioned that you use those stores during the day, this is the way to optimise that for greater energy levels.

So this the best method and not only that it primes your hormones in other ways, especially if you can get some kind of workout in before eating them.

So there you have it my ultimate tips that Leigh used to completely transform her body and life.

Take action on these today and I promise you that you’re going to see a major shift in how your body feels and looks in a very short period of time.

If you would like more help with this click the link below and or text me on 0418 246 741 and we can schedule a time to chat.

Until then,

Your friend and coach

Lachlan “All About The Results” Farley


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