I Can’t Help You

May 18, 2016

It’s the truth

I’m all about being honest

I will always back myself because I believe in my skills and I will stake my reputation on it, that if you put in the work, I will get you the results.

But only if you follow through on everything I say

But if you aren’t willing to help yourself, I can’t help you

So for the first time ever I have an unsatisfied customer

Well sort of

Let me back track a little bit

I had a client come to me she wanted to lose about 15-20kgs

Tone up, gain strength, the whole 9 yards

I assessed where she was at, and I said that was doable in 12 weeks, assuming 3-5 sessions a week and she followed through with diet.

She was ecstatic,

So we got stuck in.

She didn’t follow through on the diet as much as I would like to see.

And her attendance rate wasn’t the best and yet at the end of the 12 weeks as promised she had lost the 15kgs and was well on her way to looking and feeling great.

At this point in time, life had become to full on so we parted ways, with her feeling great about herself.

So I assumed that everything was fantastic

Then about 5 months later, she was having dinner with one of my friends and she started bad mouthing me

I dont care, everyone is entitled to their opinion I was just hurt that she wouldn’t come to me for a solution

But my friend on the other hand got very upset about the whole thing

You see, since we parted ways she had; Stopped exercising completely, started eating worse than ever because she was now much smaller and started drinking on a regular basis

So of course she had put the weight back on

But, according to my friend, she says it was my fault because my program causes you to lose weight to quickly.

Who in the right mind wants to lose weight slowly and all of my plans include follow ups that allow you to maintain all your results and still live the life you want within reason.

But after chatting back and fourth with my friend she actually came to the realization that, she was just passing the blame because she didn’t want to admit that it was all within her control.

So I tell you this today not to bad mouth anyone, in fact I would actually rather rectify this situation with this client

But I tell you this so that you are very clearly aware that I can give you the keys to the kingdom, show you the path to everything you have ever wanted.

But at the end of the day it is all down to you

I can’t control what you do, I will be there to encourage you to take the best possible option, and give you a helping hand when needed.

But after that, it is your choice.

So what will you choose?

Until next time,

Lachlan “Help Me, Help You” Farley


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