I Love Vanity

May 20, 2016

This is the question

Why do you do it?

What makes you get up, find the energy and make it happen?

This was the question my mate was asked the other day

Why does he find the time to go to the gym?

And he said weight loss

So vanity?

Yep that pretty much sums it up

And this is thrown around like a dirty word in our society

You can’t want to look good

How shallow is that

I call Bull

Pretty much everyone who works out does it for vanity in one form or another

Unless they are injured or sick, vanity is the main reason

Good, embrace this

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good

In fact I applaud it

Good on you, you should want to look good and you should be proud of your effort to make that change and feel confident about yourself.

Now before you bite my head off for being a fat shammer or anything along these lines

Let me explain my reasoning

You see being more confident improves quality of life, makes you happier, this makes you better at your job, improves your relationships and love life.

Being a smaller dress size lowers your health risk factors, especially when taking the weight off your hips and stomach.

It improves energy output and capacity to do things, thus making your more efficient and leading a better life

And on top of that it means you look dynamite in that little black dress.

So if it takes a bit of vanity for you to make this change happen, to actually get out there and do it.

Then I am all for vanity,

It’s what brought me to where I am today.

I hated my body, I hated that I was bullied

So I invested in myself, invested years of my life into fitness and health and it changed everything for me

So there is nothing wrong with vanity

Embrace and change your life for the better.

Do it today


Until next time,

Lachlan “The Vain” Farley


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