If Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

May 18, 2016

Excuse my horrible language there but it is a saying I hear a lot

Or a variation of it at least

And I can see the logic of it,

But the honest truth is, this is a great way to get stuck and get no where fast

Because I see this a lot with women who go to the gym

They are using the so called “old school tried and true methods” which everyone has heard

If you want to lose weight;

No carbs,

Run on the treadmill

Smaller amounts of food

Count your calories


Well the honest truth is this will work


But it is slow and painful way to go about it

So why would you bother doing it?

Because If Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix, It is why.

Well I challenge that principal, I challenge you to not accept that it takes months upon months of meticulous dieting, training and just generally misery to achieve results.

Because not only is there a more enjoyable way where you can eat the foods you like and actually enjoy the workouts (as much as possible anyway)

And on top of that you will actually get better results from it

And you want to know the cherry on top?

It will happen even quicker as well

So why doesnt everyone do it?

Because it is so ingrained into society that this is the way it is done

Plus my way involves weights, which comes with 2 stigmas

1. That you will look like a man

– Not true, unless you are shooting up with some serious drugs, the chance of you ending up looking like a man are so slim it’s not even funny. Plus you are at least 2-5 years of extremely hard work away from any hope of that.

2. That means you have to train in the same section as the gorillas

– This can very daunting, take it from someone who hangs out there. It’s not the most pleasant place to be.

But that is why I opened a private studio so that you will never have to be around those types of people.

So I challenge you today take up the call and do something outside the norm and watch how great your results are.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Swimming Against The Current” Farley


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