I’m A Freak

May 20, 2016

Yes I am

And I am not ashamed to admit it

Most people won’t understand me for it

But it is one of the things that makes me, me

I hinted at this yesterday

But I love exercise

I really do

I enjoy pushing my body to it’s limits

Enduring the burning and the pain to get through one more rep

I love it all

But maybe not for the reasons that you think I do

I love it because I know what will come from it

I know what pushing that little bit further will get me

I know that if I can find another level and take my body that little bit further it will bring me closer to my goals

And that makes it all worth while

I don’t do it for the sake of doing it

I do it for a reason

Every movement, every pause, every rest period

Is perfectly structured and is there for a very specific reason

And Because I know this I love the feeling of it.

But the same is true for every single one of my sessions, they are designed a very specific way

To create a very specific result

So that you can be assured if you are in one of my sessions I haven’t just made this up

I haven’t thrown together something random

It is meticulously planned and everything has a meaning

It will illicit a very specific result for you.

So I know it wont make the workouts anymore fun

But I know that it will make the end result 100x better

So take the plunge

And be like me and love the workout

Because you know that you will love the results

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Freak” Farley


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