It All Start At The Beginning

May 18, 2016

Now today is just a short and simple one

I am not going to tell you one of my elaborate stories

(Don’t worry I’m not out, just not one of those days)

I am simply here to tell you that, don’t worry about what others are doing

Where they are, what they have achieved simply focus on you

Where your at,

What you want to achieve

Simply start at the beginning

Start with you, and if you take one step at a time and consistently move forward every single day

You will be amazed as where you can end up

It wont be easy

I can promise you that

But I can also guarantee that it will be worth it

So that’s all I have for you today

Don’t start massive

Don’t start with life altering changes

Just start with one simple task and move forward from there.


Until next time,

Lachlan “Start With The Basics” Farley


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