It Can Happen To The Best Of Us

May 18, 2016

Seriously it can

You dont need to be ashamed or worried about it

Happens to most people

But it doesn’t mean that you should let it slide

I am referring to stopping

It happens, life happens, kids, family, work, commitments etc.

I get it

It’s nothing special, but you need to correct ASAP

Because once you give into the old habits they will take change again and building back into that habit is a nightmare

It’s much easier to revert to old habits of not doing any exercise than it is to build that habit

This is because they are easier and I am guessing it is a more natural pattern, at least of late.

But I witnessed it first hand again today

Had a client who due to other commitments had 2+ weeks off.

They came back in and they said at the end it was the hardest workout yet

Just in that short amount of time they had lost it

But on the other side of the coin they also told me, that they had missed it and it felt great to be back

See if you can continue to push past the hardship of starting out, you will eventually build a habit and learn to love the process.

So the choice is up to you

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Habit Master” Farley


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