It’s A Riot

May 27, 2016

We’ve got the place rocking

Kicking it old school

Jamming out to 80’s rock

That’s right turning back the clock

In more ways than just the music

But I’ll get to that

So we like to keep it a fun and enjoyable environment

Believe it or not there is a lot of laughs and good times in here

And I will admit the music has been a bit sad lately trying to keep everyone happy is no easy task

So what we did was started taking requests for pandora which is online radio

So we started jamming out to 80’s rock, 90’s alternative, disco the works

So we stepped it up another notch

We are now creating custom playlist

It a riot

Each client sends in 3 songs that they want

I put them all into a playlist and we jam out

it makes it fun and personal

And it means you have no idea what is coming next

Our mission here is to transform your body and your life, in the shortest time possible.

While making sure that you have a great time doing it.

We want to change the stigma that fitness is this horrible thing

Yes it will be hard, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it as well.

Now, I did mention turning back time in more ways than one

Well the honest truth is, that I can never return you to how you where in your 20’s

But I can make you feel youthful, full of energy and vibrance for life, and make such drastic changes to your body that you can look like that again.

Look at Ann she went from a size 20 down to a size 10 and has never felt better in her entire life.

It is all possible

That’s all I have for you today,

Until next time,

Lachlan “DJ” Farley


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