It’s All Fake

May 27, 2016

What you think doesn’t actually matter

It is worthless

What matters is what you feel, or what your can convince yourself you feel

Especially when it comes to weight loss

It is all about the emotions

There is this cup called the real cup, which has a smell attached to it

For example you can get strawberry, mango, even cola.

So the concept is that you will drink more water because it smells like juice or soft drink so your brain tells you that is exactly what it is.

Therefor you will drink more water

Intersting in theory, I don’t know if it will actually work

But this is the concept they are working with

And it does remind me, it comes down to what you feel

Or at least convincing yourself of that fact

Emotions are the strongest indicator of success

It is why most often people wont make a change until the pain they feel out ways the discomfort it will take to change

It’s ok

Everyone does it

Including me

But learning to control this process will change everything

If you can learn to convince yourself that making that change for fitness and health wont be that bad, you can make that change

And I actually promise it wont be that bad

There are so many dogmas out there, people like the comando for example

It isn’t all like that

We will hold you accountable and make sure you do what you need to do to succeed

But we wont yell, if you aren’t up for it

That’s ok, we will keep pushing and see what you can do tomorrow.

And diet wise

I have put together something that makes the weight fall off

And yet you can still get away with eating the food’s you like

Plus as a bonus

We include recipes to make sure that food is never boring.

So make that shift, decide that it is your time and you will make it this time.

Click the link today

Until next time,

Lachlan “No Fake, Just Results” Farley


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