It’s All In The Temperature

June 30, 2016

Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?

So story time

I had a mate back in college who had this wonderful party trick

So when you live in Florida and it is 40 degrees in winter you go swimming, a LOT

His party trick was he would go swimming and jump out and stand there for a minute and would be dry

Literal steam would rise from his body

Pretty neat trick right

This was because his body temperature was literally so high that he would evaporate the water

Now I am not suggeting you aim for this

He was very well built and was a strength and conditioning coach

But it’s true your body temperature will play a more vital role in you health and your fat loss results than you realize.

And yet it can be so simple to check if it is high enough

And most peoples even before crashing their metabolism, wont be

We talked yesterday about crashing your metabolism if you keep your food intake to low for to long.

A crashed metabolism will make it extremely hard to burn fat, to have energy and just generally isn’t a good thing.

So how can we test to see if your metabolism is to low?

It quiet simple actually

All you need is a thermometer.

So what you do is in the middle of the afternoon, take your temperature, make sure you haven’t eaten or drunk anything for at least 30 mins prior.

The reading you want is 37 degrees.

If it is under that your metabolism is to low.

Between 36-37 indicates between 10-20% drop

And anything under 36 indicates a 30-50% drop. which as you can imagine isn’t a good thing at all.

Repeat this for 4 days to test the validity of your results

But if it is regularly coming up low, it is time to do something about it

And as I said yesterday this means raising your daily calorie intake.

So for approximately 4 weeks eat an extra 300-500 calories a day

If you keep these in good food sources such as meat, veggies, and healthy sources of fat, you would be unlikely to put on any extra fat and over the long run you will be able to smash through your pleatues and burn 10x more fat than you would have initially.

So thats all I have for you today

Until next time,

Lachlan ” Running High” Farley


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