It’s Just Not Happening

May 20, 2016

There is no way in hell

It wont happen

I can’t do it

Can’t pull it together

And I just wont do it

Have you ever felt like this?

I know I have,

In fact that has been a very common state for me recently

You see I have been dealing with insomnia and it just drains all my energy, all my will power and all I want to do is sleep

It has made it very difficult to do all the things that I dont especially like doing things I don’t enjoy

And I see this all the time,

Now I know I am a werdio because I love to exercise but, I do know that most people don’t, they just do it.

But it is for this reason that I dont like holding afternoon sessions

Because it’s the time when your will power is tested the most, you have had a long day, you feel tired and grumpy and it is much easier to just go home and relax then force yourself to come the gym.

I still do run these sessions because I know people need it.

But you can see the strain on peoples will power.

And I totally get it.

But the sad reality is, if you want to start seeing the results that you have always desired sometimes, you have to find that new level to do the things that you dont want to.

To push to another level, and thats why you need someone to hold you accountable.

It is much easier to make excuses to yourself than it is to someone else.

It doesn’t matter who that person is, if it is a partner, a friend, a child or if it is me.

As long as you have someone there to guide you through when it gets tough, that’s what matter’s most.
So until next time,

Lachlan “Held Accountable” Farley


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