It’s Just Wrong

May 20, 2016

It is

And you should ignore it

Give it the silent treatment like a child who is mad at you

You guys aren’t friends

It has hurt you to many times

And it will continue to lie to you

You just can’t trust it

Head my warning or you will regret it

It’s just the honest truth

The scale is F**ked

You shouldn’t weigh yourself

It is not an accurate measurement of where you are

Especially when you add in the BMI

Let me put it this way

I sit at about 10% body fat

By the BMI scale I am considered chronically obese

It isn’t accurate and doesn’t take into so many factors

But I’m here to warn you today about the evils of the scale

This can fluctuate so much, depending on so many different factors.

And yet it is my biggest struggle, getting people not to weigh themselves everyday, this creates paranoia and problems that aren’t there.

When I played college basketball, pre season was brutal, trainings would last 6-10 hours.

They would weigh us in prior to training and again at the end.

On average we would lose 5-7kgs a day

But here is the kicker

We would put it all back on again by the next day

It was all just water weight

Weight can go up down from things as simple as having eaten recently, needing the bathroom, having exercised etc

The only thing you should judge progress based on is girth measurements or if you have a high end body fat measurement device, this is it.

Yes I do take weight measurements, but if you are a client the only time you are allowed to weigh in is on my scales.

So stop listening to a lier

And start listening to things that are definitive and actually show progress.

Thats all I have for you today

Until next time

Lachlan “Don’t Worry About Weight” Farley


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