It’s Me or You, You Decide

August 23, 2016

So if you don’t know by now I am a giant kid

No questions asked, just a fact

Ask my fiancée, she won’t hesitate to tell you

I saw this quote the other day that said, “Your husband is your oldest and most dependent child”

A lot of my clients will agree without hesitation

I see it a lot with my clients

These amazing women putting their family first and always putting themselves last.

And I get it, they are truly incredible people and they have their priorities straight

Or do they…

Now I know this seems crazy

Of course they do, it is what comes with being a good mother and wife

You sacrifice for those that you love


I would disagree

Now before you freak out and rip my head off

Hear me out

I’ll make sense in the end

(Maybe, we shall see)

So when you are always putting others first

You get tired

You get lethargic

You get short tempered

You get sick

You get broken

Yet, you find a way to fight through and do what has to be done for others

You should be commended for this

I am honestly impressed by some of the women I have worked with

I couldn’t do what they do

I would die of exhaustion

Nevertheless, they do

However, here is the problem I have with it

You get run down and beaten and can’t function at your best

And when this happens

Things slip

Fall through the cracks

And it gets away from you a bit

You see in my opinion and experience

If you want to serve others, you need to put yourself first

You need to look after numero uno first and foremost.


Because if you don’t come first, you will let down those who matter most to you

So please I beg you

Look after your health

Put yourself first whenever possible

Take some time for exercise

Eat better food

Take 15 minutes of quiet time for yourself

These things will not only take you above super human

But, will also mean that you enjoy everything more.

You matter!

So take that time and invest into you!

You will not regret it

Until next time,

Lachlan “For Your Health And Sanity” Farley

P.S Don’t take it just from me, here is what one of my clients had to say on the matter.

“This last 12 months has been about trying to get back to the person I once was and liked. I am finally getting there which makes my husband, daughter and I happier. I’ve put them first for 21 years and only now I realize that didn’t help anyone. I know that the next 21 years will be better for it.”

It makes a massive difference to your life putting you first and makes your family’s lives even better.

Put yourself first, that’s all I ask


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