It’s Not Your Fault

June 24, 2016

I promise it isn’t

But you need to take action to fix it

Yesterday I spoke about eating disorders, and how they are caused by crushing social pressure and worst of all…

Bad advice

This world is filled with crappy advice leading to eating disorders like…

“You can’t ever eat carbs you will get fat”

“Don’t eat after 6pm you will get fat”

“Fat will make you fat”

“You have to starve yourself to lose weight”

“If you mess up you will get fat”

The list goes on

And even people in authority positions delivering in my opinion negligible advice

I had a doctor tell a client that 300 calories a day was more than enough for her to be healthy


Just no.

Yes, I will go on a rant here,

So be prepared

I wanted to yell at this doctor, a normal adult women requiers around 2000 calories a day to maintain her current size

So dropping down even just 200 calories + exercise will start to cause fat loss

(I’m not a fan of the calorie counting for general fat┬áloss, but just so you have an idea)

So 300 calories is an excessive low amount of food, to the point where if you can maintain this for a long time, it will crash your metabolism and you will end up putting on weight, plus you will not be a healthy person.

Prone to fainting and vomiting.

This doctor should not be able to practice med, if they are giving advice like this.

Sorry for my rant

And no I am not alone on this one, I asked nutritionist, other doctors and trainers on this one to be sure I wasn’t over reacting.

Every single one, outraged.

But I’ve gotten off topic

My point is, it’s not your fault that your scared of dieting

If you have no idea what to eat or where to start

Even authority figures are leading you down the wrong path

So it is ok,

We are going to remedy this

So stay tunned,

Until next time,

Lachlan “Ranting” Farley


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