It’s Worthless

May 18, 2016

It really is

And it is why I hate giving it so much

Because it means nothing and it is just wasting everyone’s time

But let me back track a minute here

You see the other day a really good friend of mine asked for my advice

She had been doing training on her own but really didn’t know what she was doing and now she wanted some advice on how to really get some results.

We go way back so I broke my golden rule of giving programs away for FREE

Now don’t get it twisted here I don’t have this rule because I don’t want to help people

I have it because as demonstrated once again when it’s FREE it doens’t mean anything

There is no value placed in it

No matter how much value is held within it.

The reason for this is what we call “skin in the game”

If you have no skin in the game you won’t do anything to help yourself

I see it all the time.

It’s why I structure my training programs the way I do

For 12 week programs minimum 3x a week

Because it means you have to attend and you have skin in the game

The people who invest more into themselves always get the best results, because they have a bigger reason to make sure they out in the work

It is just how it works.

So back to my friend

I laid it all out, everything she would need

The kind of program that you would have to train with me on a regular basis to get

I then went to check on her and she was like it’s all good I dont need it .

I couldn’t believe it, she had at her fingertips some of my best stuff

And she thought it was beneath her, because she placed no value on it because it didn’t cost her anything

And thats fine, I’ve seen her program nothing is going to change unless she takes up the opportunity in front of her.

And that breaks my heart.

So don’t make the same mistake she did

I don’t do the FREE thing often so I want to
make sure you take advantage and value this

Until next time,

Lachlan “All Help, No Waste” Farley


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