Learn How After 2 Decades Of Struggling Leigh Finally Loses 4 Dress Sizes And Goes On To Climb Mt Fuji!

April 27, 2018

Leigh has done it all when it comes to trying to lose weight, tone up and get fit.

She has tried every method under the sun;

Some worked a bit, you know like lost a few kilos here and there but nothing really to get excited about.

Others produced short-term results, that flash in the pan I’m down 5kgs in 2 weeks kind of thing, but that never lasts.

Others just flat out failed completely and were a waste of time

She has done the gym thing, you know the one, when you get all motivated and you think this is the moment, you join the gym and it’s fantastic and then you get a week or so in, and it’s really hard, you feel uncomfortable, you don’t really know what you are doing, and then things pop up so you just end up paying for a membership that you never use.

She even worked with a trainer, because she knew that she couldn’t do this on her own.

She had tried everything and yet still wasn’t where she wanted to be.

But determined to make it work she was ready to try again.

That’s when she came to Steps to Greatness.

She knew there had to be a way to make that change for good.

Every time she tried something in the past it seemed to be two steps forward, two or 10 steps back.

She was still working and commuting to Sydney on a regular basis, so whatever she was going to do and had to work with her time frame.

But with her lifestyle, she needed more energy and wanted to feel happy and confident again.

So she made the decision and jumped in.

Taking that leap of faith.

This was going to be something completely different to anything she had experienced before.

“The Steps of Greatness studio focuses on both exercise and nutrition in a small supportive setting. Lachlan has a genuine interest in my health and well-being. He applies an innovative and fun approach to motivate his clients.”

But the results quickly showed that her leap of faith was worth it.

“I’ve lost 22kgs, which equates to 4 dress sizes and can now wear my engagement and wedding rings. I have more energy and am a happier and healthier person.”

But Leigh wasn’t done there, she had big goals in mind and after years of devoting herself to her family it was time for her and she wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

With her new found fitness and health she went on to climb Mt. Fuji in Japan, a dream she has had for a while, but needed the fitness to make it happen. Now, this is no small feat, and we had to apply a new dedication to give her the strength to complete this task.

But not only did she Climb Mt Fuji she found it comfortable and enjoyable experience and one that she will remember for a lifetime!

And that’s what counts, it’s more than just a workout.

More than showing up and doing some exercise and going home

Steps to Greatness is bigger than a boutique training studio, it’s an experience!

The environment is meant to be enjoyable and fun, something that you look forward to rather than dreading.

“In addition to achieving these personal goals, I’ve been fortunate to meet some wonderful women who are also taking these steps to health and fitness. I find our exercise sessions to be filled with laughter and support which is personally enjoyable and rewarding.”

Leigh loves going to workout, and actually misses it when she is away on holidays.

Something she never thought would happen

It’s more than just getting healthy, it’s a life-changing experience.

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What’s next?

Leigh is a rock star and always moving forward towards new goals.

We are currently preparing Leigh for her return to softball, and to get her in top condition to compete in the masters for Australia at the end of the year.

Nothing holds Leigh back from achieving the things she want’s.

And I can’t wait to see what she will decide to do next and for us to get in and make it happen

Because that’s what it is about, not weight loss or fitness, it’s about setting goals, sometimes things that you never thought possible, and then us taking care of everything, creating the plan and taking you through it to achieve results beyond what you ever thought possible, then we reset and set bigger goals.

Because what you want is possible, you just need the right plan and assistance.

Everything changed for Leigh when she decided to go all in and take that leap of faith that this time would be different.

And with results guaranteed how can you not take that leap?

Yes it can be scary to try again but with a safe environment of STG where the only other people training, are people just like you, you don’t need to worry about being judged, loud awful music, weird smells, or wasting your time not knowing what to do.

Once you make the investment in yourself and see what’s truly possible in a short amount of time, you will wonder why you hadn’t done this before.

Are you ready to experience the Steps to Greatness difference?

We are so confident that you will love the STG experience here is a 7-day pass to try it out for yourself.

Included in this is access to our Turn Back The Clock Protocols, 7 Quick Steps to Boost Your Energy, and a taste of our amazing Recipe Book and if you are serious our meltdown program to drop 2kgs in 7 days.

7 days and those bonuses are enough to transform your body, your energy levels and even your life.

Imagine what we can do if you go all in?

Are you ready to finally get the results you have always wanted?

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