Let’s Get Physical

July 1, 2016


Let’s Get Physical

Very catchy song

Im sure you can hear it in your head just from that

A favorite of one of my clients

She even has the workout shirt for it

This songs shows the enjoyment of exercise

Or a getting down and dirty I can never be sure

But that’s not the point

The point is that the reason why most people fail when it comes to making postive healthy changes to their life fear, for of the unknown and fear of change.

You see it is really easy to get motivated at the beginning

Because you want to make that change.

But when it actually comes to making the change motivation wanes and it can get really difficult

I understand, don’t get me wrong

This can be a very daunting thing

There is a lot of stigmas and issues associated with making a healthy change.

And sometimes it’s worse than that

Because you make a decision you join a gym, and then it’s hard, you don’t know what you are doing, and lets be honest they aren’t the most inviting places ever

Just ask Sarah

When Sarah joined us, she was nervous

She could never get herself motivated to actually make it happen, she was scared.

She hated gyms and didn’t even want to step foot in one

She felt exhausted, frustrated and was about to give up and had decided that if this didn’t work, nothing would.

But she came along to her Transformation Session from there we mapped out everything for her and made sure that she could feel comfortable here

We developed ways to keep everything interested and set milestones so that she would stay motivated by her own amazing progress.

And now you wouldn’t believe how far Sarah has come, she is the life of the session, full of motivation, and loves the gym.

And best of all she is no longer afraid.

Sure she still complains occasionally but everyone does.

But she is here 4x a week giving it her all and the results are showing.

That’s why we do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable, lay out a plan for you, so that you can see exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there.

On top that we also make sure that the environment is as fun and inviting as possible

We never want you to feel like this is scary place.

We are going to show you what is possible

And you will be blown away by what can be achieved in a small amount of time

Not to mention our guarantee if you don’t get the results that we promise you will continue to train for FREE

So there is no risk of you not getting exactly what you want.

That’s all I have for you today

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Friendly Trainer” Farley


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