Love Thy Self

August 22, 2016

I kid you not

This is what we are going to talk about

You see last week I had one of my clients reach out to me about her negative self-talk

And how she thinks this is actually what has been holding her back,

Why she has failed in the past

And in this one statement I could feel the pain

The realization of what she had been doing

And in this moment it broke my heart and gave me great joy, all in one moment

Let me explain

It broke my heart because I got it, I understand this pain, if you have seen yourself in a certain light for so long, it is really difficult to change that point of view or even believe that you can change at all.

It gave me great joy at the same point because once you realize this is what you are doing, half the battle towards making a change has happened.

Now I can see when people are holding themselves back with negative talk

It becomes very clear, very quickly


And this is the big but

Most people can’t handle being told this and if you do tell them, they wont make the change

However, with encouragement and patience, if you come to the realization yourself, well that is when the magic happens.

Because you can’t force anyone to this point

It is the same with anything health and fitness and making a change if you aren’t ready

It won’t happen

Plain and simple

So today, I want to give you a nudge

To turn and look internally

To take note of the words you use when you are talking to yourself

(Don’t worry you’re not crazy, I might be, but you’re not for talking to yourself. Trust me I’m a mad man)

But seriously do

Are you using negative self-talk

Such as;

You cannot lose the weight

You are just a fat person and you will fail

Even as simple as you can’t do that it’s just not you.

These things are crippling

Focus on positive,

Not only can you lose this weight

You are going to!

No questions asked

Believe it with everything you have

And I think you will quickly notice some dramatic changes in how you feel and how you respond to your training and diet.

That’s it for today

Until next time,

Lachlan “All About The Love” Farley


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