Nit Butter

July 15, 2016

Doesn’t that sound absolutely disgusting?

I can’t really imagine eating it

But at the same point part of me goes you have to try everything

Still, you know, it’s nit butter

There is a growing trend especially with Paleo and the push for alternatives to eating animals

And insects seem to be the way society is heading. So you know interesting times

But that’s not what I want to talk about,

So what happened that provoked this nit butter talk was I was talking to a client about good things to eat

And I recommended Nut Butter (See the difference) I love nut butters, any kind peanut, almond, etc they are tasty and a great source of healthy fats (As long as they are good brands)

But my phone auto-corrected to nit

So this client is freaking out, going “Does he really want me to eat bugs?”

She was at work and asked around.

So you can imagine the look she got from that

And then she replied to my message, nit butter?

And now I am just as confused as she is, wondering what the hell she was talking about

Once we cleared it up, we had a good laugh about the situation

But you know sometimes that’s all it takes is that simple little difference to change everything

It is the same for fitness and dieting in general

It isn’t the complete overhaul of your life that will make the changes.

But the small, little changes

Now don’t get it twisted

Those big overhaul changes work

But from my experience they don’t last,

You can’t maintain that level of output for extended periods of time.

Some people do, but the majority lose a whole heap of weight, then get sick of the process (because well it’s damn hard to stay that motivated all the time, trust me on that one) and then put it all back on and then some,

This is actually 10x worse than just being overweight. But that’s a story for another day.

So I want you to focus on the little changes, this is what we teach.

We are launching an online training option, this will give you everything you need month to month to learn the small changes for big results.

And best of all with our early bird special it is cheaper than a single personal training session at any gym in the mountains.

Hell I’ve been told I am crazy for giving it away this cheap.

But I want to get you in, and show you what is really possible

So simply  give me a call on 0418 246 741 and we can skyrocket your results today.

That’s all I have for you today

Until tomorrow,

Lachlan “Not Eating Insects” Farley


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