Now Or Later?

September 20, 2017


I just stood

Not wanting to look

Schrodinger’s cat style as long as I don’t look it’s ruined and fine all at the same time.

I don’t want to know

Slowly I bend down and pick it up

And my worst fears have been realized

I have just shattered my phone, to the point where it won’t work anymore.







I have been saying for six months I should get a case for it and protect it.

I just never get around to it, and now it’s too late.

I sigh frustrated with myself, but I know what has to be done.

I take it to get fixed $325 later my phone works again and is adequately protected, that doesn’t include the full day I wasted on it.

And I could have avoided it all if I had just gotten the case in the first place.

Now I bet you are wondering why I am telling you this?

It’s because it’s a very similar scenario to what happens with our health and fitness.

We so often put it off, and off and off until it gets to a stage where we can’t ignore it anymore.

And as I discussed yesterday it is never too late to make that change, but the longer you put it off, the harder it gets.

And sadly when it comes to your health I can almost guarantee you can either do something now and invest in yourself, or you will be forced to pay for your illness later

And this is the harsh reality of life.

That we will reap what we sow now, later.

So the question is what becomes the tipping point, what has to happen for you to say, no more I will make that change and invest in my health.

Because that’s what it is, an investment in your health, with time, money and effort.

You are worth it, know that you can do it and trust me you will be grateful that you made the choice now instead of when you had no other option.

That’s all I have for you today,

Until next time

Lachlan “Wish He Acted Sooner” Farley

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