Passed Out

May 18, 2016

Now its not what you think

Honest, I am not referring to going on a bender or anything along those lines

I just generally getting so tired that you pass out

This has happened to me

Today in fact

You see I have been in a wonderful battle with insomnia

Oh it is just so much fun

Dealing with the anxiety and sometimes even the paranoia that comes with it

(Vivid imagination not great when you are sleep deprived)

I have always been the type of person who will make my body bend to my will it is how I have pushed this far

But as I have been dealing with this I have learnt something on a more practical level, that I have always taught

And that is listen to your body

Because I am so well in tune with my body (Well normally anyway) this allows me to push the boundaries a bit more anyway

But lately I have been finding that I just need to pull back and listen when my body tells me something

And this now more than ever is what I would tell you to do.

Although it is very easy to get the signals confused

If you are tired all the time and you sleep a decent amount of hours

The answer isn’t take it easy it to get out and do some exercise get blood flowing and moving

If your joints hurts without reason I would suggest that you need to use them more, reduce the loading on them, and develop muscle around them to support it.

If you feel hungry all the time check the types of foods you are eating make sure you are drinking enough water, dehydration can be often mimicked by hunger and eating sugar things will make you crave more food.

So yes you need to listen to what your body is telling you, but you also need to start learning what it is actually saying

Until next time,

Lachlan “Always Awake” Farley


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