Rinse and Repeat Part 2

August 29, 2016

We are back folks with part 2

The second story…

So the other day I told you about how it was time for a change and to stop repeating the same old tired cycle of on and off

Well today I want to talk to you about the other area that needs to change

Now if you doing an amazing job and are consistently going to the gym I applaud you.

Nice work, keep it up.

But if you are like most people who start at the gym you are little bit lost on what you are actually supposed to do

You have mostly likely been given a program by the local trainer/gym which is the exact same program for every single person regardless of age, gender, injury, goal, etc.

And you have been following it along, doing your part to get the results you desire.

But if you where getting results they have now stopped

And that’s because you need to change it up

Need something new and exciting

(Well as exciting as a new training program gets)

Now there is a fine line when it comes to training between keeping it interesting and getting results and changing to much and wasting your time.

You need to find the balance

Without correct programing to sequence everything you want to be changing things up roughly every month.

If you have the sequencing and you are following it properly, you can have different things for each workout.

But changing it up not only keeps you interested, it also allows for you to get better results, by hitting the muscles from different angles and loading patterns.

That’s why today I have included one of the weekly workouts that I provide for my Premium Online Training Group.


So try this out, it wont be easy but the results will be well worth it

And if you have any questions regarding the exercises or how to complete simply join our FREE fb group and ask all your questions there.


That’s all I have for you today,

Keep it fun, keep it interesting and get results

Until next time,

Lachlan “Full Of Fun” Farley


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