Rip, And It Was All Over

May 24, 2016

Now I am not easily embarrassed

I am entirely comfortable with who I am

Let me put it this way we have a tea cup poodle at home

Nothing says manly like a tea cup poodle

But not this day

This day, I was a little embarrassed

More because I was worried that I could go to jail for this one but you know

Nothing like that happened.

So let me back up a bit

I have been putting on a fair bit of muscle recently

It has just kinda happened

So we went out for dinner and I put on my jeans

And I thought to myself thats a big snug

But I didnt have anything else to wear, so I went with it

Half way through dinner I went to the bathroom

After coming back to sit down again I hear this gigantic rip

Like this isn’t a little tear

I’ve worn shorts, that where shorter than this tear.

Let me put this in perspective I was worried that I was going to get done for indecent exposure

Anyway all I could do was cover it with a napkin and then carry my fiancees purse out when we left to cover it up.

But my point is that so often we ignore things until it is to late.

We ignore warning signs of things to come

And then once something big happens it is to much to come back from.

This is especially common with fitness and health

We put it off until something snaps us out of our happy reality and makes us go maybe something does have to be done

And hopefully that can be as simple as your jeans being to tight

And you aren’t caught in public with basically your pants around your knees like I was.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Slightly Embarrassed” Farley

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