Self Inflicted

June 3, 2016

I’m done


There is no more

I wasn’t prepared for this

This was my clients this morning

Not going to lie was a very full on workout

And though it was tough, there was smiles and laughs the whole way through

And they thanked me at the end

And one commented about how I put them through these workouts that make them sweat and feel awful at the time and then, thank me at the end

It’s bizarre

I just said to her it can’t be that bad you keep coming back.

Which is true

And it’s funny because I see people all the time, who say I couldn’t do that it hurts and is uncomfortable

But the thing about it is, the change for a healthy lifestyle usually occurs when the pain gets to bad

When you cant handle how you feel about yourself

Your body hurts

Your tired all the time

You have no confidence

And don’t feel sexy

You just want to be desired again

The pain has to outweigh the pain of change

And this is a harsh reality

But dont worry you aren’t alone in that one

These feelings are very natural

But what matters is what you do when you feel this pain?

Are you going to change, do something to benefit your future

Or will you continue to deal with this pain?

This is the big question for you

Because I promise once you get into it, it still might not be the most enjoyable experience doing the workouts, but the environment is fun and you will start to love how the rest of your life looks as well.

So what choice will you make today?

Until next time,

Lachlan “Pain Be Gone” Farley


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