Since You’re Here

July 11, 2016

You should get started

You made the first step and that can be the most daunting part of all

You took the plunge and now you are here

But can I ask you something?

What now?

Have you continued past this point?

Have you started to see the changes in your body that you desired?

Are you feeling more confident and happy?

If not, why?

You have taken a step towards everything you want, so what is holding you back?

Is it fear, time, what could be so scary that you can fathom doing it?

Now is the time

I want you,

I want to help you reach your goals

To make that change

So the difference in your life

I want you to reach the end and be overjoyed with how far you have come

To look back and say WOW was that really me

Now is the time

More than ever before now is the time for you to make a change and be proud and happy again.

So all I ask of you is one tiny action,

One little step forward

One little action of I can do this

Simply hit reply and type “YES”

That’s all it takes, then I will be in contact and we can take it from there

Help you to reach everything you have ever dreamed of.

That’s all I have from you

And I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Lachlan “In Your Corner” Farley


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