May 18, 2016

So what do you think it is

I would say that he has broken his collar bone

Make sure the medics don’t try and put back in his shoulder it will just make the situation worse

Ok will do, call you from the hospital to let you know how it went

Turn out I was spot on

And you know what I wasn’t even there, they informed me of the situation over the phone

You see when it comes to the human body, fitness, nutrition anything along these lines I love it and it just comes super easy to me

My dad loves to tell people how I took Gray’s Anatomy (the medical text book) on a trip to LA for some light reading

I just find it fascinating and enjoyable, but this also means that if anything remotely medical ever happens the first person anyone calls is me

They want to suss out my opinion on the matter first, before they procede to anything else

Generally speaking I am highly flattered by this

But at the same point I am not a doctor

This being said I also know that a lot of issues that require a doctor can actually be resolved prior to that with my help

The bigeest issue is that no one is looking after their health until they are in desperate need and I hear it all the time I don’t have time or I dont have the money to look after my health and fitness

The sad reality is you either make time or you will be forced to make time and money due to illness and disease

It is up to you

And often by then it is to late

I am not here to judge I am here to help, but sometimes you just need the facts laid out for you to see the value in making a change today.

I had someone come see me once, they had been sent by the doctor because they where pre-diabetic we talked through everything and she decided not to make the commitment

This fact boogles my mind, in a worst case scenario diabetes can cost $15,000 a year for the rest of your life

Just think about that next time you decide that your health isn’t worth investing in

Until next time,

Lachlan “Doctor On Call” Farley


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