Some people Dance In The Rain, Others Just Get Wet

September 28, 2017

You often can’t change the circumstances of your life, but you can choose how you react to them.

And this is the crucial point.

When you hit a crossroad what decision will you make?

I’ve had many people say that I am too old to make a change, I can’t-do it now that times have passed.

And yes this is one option

Or you can say now is the time to make that change so that the rest of my life is better for it.

The average age of clients at STG is 48.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t start younger either, but it means you have a choice.

A choice to make that change.

Because you deserve it

There is no such thing as too old, too late, too much weight to lose, too much to do.

There are only you and your choices.

I trained an 84-year-old for a while, and she was doing things that I wouldn’t do.

She was out there living life.

So I am going to keep it short and sweet today.

You can either stand in the rain and get wet

Or you can learn to dance in the rain

(Breaks into song) “Dancing with you in the summer rain.”

See now I’ve embarrassed myself it’s ok for you to get outside your comfort zone and make that choice.

You can let the world come to you, or you can go out and choose how your life is going to be.

Make a choice today,

Until next time,

Lachlan “Dancing In The Rain” Farley

P.s if you are ready to make that change Click HERE








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